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Birth Doula Services

Prenatal Visits

 These visits are primarily for us to get to know one another and form a relationship that is based on your needs and desires for you birth and growing family. We will  design your birth plan together, discuss how you feel comforted in times of distress and  how you can best prepare yourself for your birth. I come to you, in home or via zoom, to discuss your ideal birthing experience.  This will give me a greater vision of what makes you feel grounded and your personal tastes. I understand you have much to prepare for with your new baby on the way. Your comfort and ease are my priority.

Labor/ Delivery Support

I will be there for you and your family during your labor and delivery, to whatever extent you choose. We will adhere to your birth plan to the best of our ability, while remaining open and flowing to the needs of each moment. I will be there with you every step of the way, ready to comfort you, advocate for you and making sure you have everything you need. 

Postpartum Visits

My doula services include two postpartum visits. I understand things can be hectic for a while after baby comes home, my goal is for you to know you are able to lean on me during this time. I am able to help with any household activities during thes visits.  I am there for you and your family to rely on. There is no need too "out there." If you need help with care for other older siblings or just need some time to yourself to take a walk, I am there for you. 

Sound Healing Yoga
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