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Doula de nacimiento

Soy una doula que busca hacer una diferencia para las mujeres y las familias de mi comunidad, aquí en The Twin Cities of Minnesota. Lo que más me importa es crear un recuerdo de nacimiento de ternura, atención personalizada y un cuidado excepcional para usted y su familia para toda la vida. Estoy aquí para guiarlos a través de los aspectos emocionales y psicológicos del embarazo y el parto, aspectos que pueden descuidarse en la medicina estándar. No hay dos nacimientos iguales, por lo tanto, recibirá asistencia individualizada para satisfacer todas sus necesidades.

Yoga y terapia de sonido

¡Tengo mi certificación de maestro de yoga de 200 horas y actualmente enseño en un estudio en Minneapolis! Siempre estás invitado a tomar una clase conmigo en el estudio o reservar una sesión privada en casa si eso es lo que prefieres. También soy un practicante de terapia de sonido. Utilizo principalmente un cuenco tibetano de bronce y un cuenco tibetano de cuarzo con algunas campanillas mezcladas. ¡Vea lo que un relajante baño de sonido puede hacer por su mente y cuerpo!

Visitas domiciliarias

I am a 200 hour registered yoga teacher. I love to teach group classes that combine a fusion of yin, hatha and vinyasa styles of yoga. I include a little sound healing at the end of each of my classes as we rest in savasana. I am continually striving to bring fun, new ways of moving and discovering more about the body to my clients. Combining breath to movement is medicine. I'd love to share class with you, either in a group or individually. I teach private yoga classes either in-studio or in your home. We will form a yoga practice that is unique to your body - your strengths, your weaknesses, and most importantly, a practice that pushes you to keep developing. Come to my Northeast Minneapolis studio location on either Friday or Sunday evenings at 5:00 PM CST for one of my group classes!

Reiki Therapy


I had never gotten a sound bath before the session I had with Eden, and the truest and best praise I have for it is that it was the most in my body and present that I have felt since I was a child. It brought me back to somatic memories and feelings I didn't remember having and hadn't accessed for decades. I forget how much I live in my head and not in the world around me at times. Eden brought me back to myself. 
- Claire

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Reiki Therapy
Vibrational Sound Therapy

Inside a Sound Healing

I open my sound healing sessions with breathwork that leads into guided meditation while you are laying down in savasana pose with your back against the earth. I use a combination of quartz crystal singing bowls, tibetan brass singing bowls, bells and chimes, all tuned to specific chakra energy centers within the body to help facilitate the  balancing and healing of each energy center. The vibrations produced by the various instruments that I use typically put you in a very relaxed and meditative state. People often fall asleep or feel "out of their body." I can work with certain areas of the energy body by using a bowl that is specific to one of the chakras. 

Inside a Reiki Session

We will work together to create a relaxing and safe environment based on your likes and dislikes.
Once we have established the areas of your body that are in need of energy healing or clearing, I will move my hands around your body. I may touch you lightly or hover my hands just above your body.
You may experience sensations in your body such as heat or tingling.
Some people report seeing visualizations such as colors or pictures, or having memories appear.
Much of the work is very subtle, you will most likely remain deeply relaxed. 

Vibrational Sound Therapy

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