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Attuned To Reiki Energy

Reiki attunement is a practice that passes the frequency and accessibility of Reiki energy from a Reiki Master to a Reiki student. I was attuned in Reiki in early February of this year, and I am so excited to share about my experience and the practice I have done on myself and close others in my life! I was lucky enough to be attuned by someone I know quite well, who I consider a friend. A group of four wonderful women and friends in my community all decided to come together to learn about and share in this tradition of attunement. We learned about the history of Reiki, which is still a very new and developing form of energy work. As Andy, the Reiki Master who attuned us was explaining that Reiki was discovered by a Japanese man in the early 1920's, I began to receive the message that Reiki is not something that can ever be pinned down. Although it was not "discovered" until a little over a hundred years ago, I believe it has always been a part of sentient life on Earth. I further felt into this message, and have concluded that Reiki is ever evolving to serve sentient life. No two practitioners can deliver or experience Reiki healing in the same way. To me, that is absolutely beautiful. In a world where we are constantly looking for definitions, methodical step-by-step instructions, and "proof," Reiki does not conform. I understand that may deem it "illegitimate" or "woo-woo," and I also understand that those who are open to receiving the benefits of Reiki, do.

Reiki can be broken down into two words that comprise its meaning - Rei, which means "spiritual wisdom" and Ki, which means life energy. Most simply put, Reiki is a means of communicating with the energetic body. It is a beautiful tool that healers can use to listen to the aura of patients. It allows healers to identify and remove energetic obstacles that can be a source of dis-ease. My goal as a Reiki healer is to bring your energy into a healthy expression. I begin with relaxation to bring you into a state where your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are open to receive. Herbal medicine is powerful and ancient. I use herbal medicine in my Reiki sessions through tea sharing. When we both ingest the same herb, through tea, it gets us closer to being on the same frequency, which is important for energy work. Tobacco is a very powerful cleanser of spaces. It is possible that I will burn pure ceremonial tobacco to cleanse our space before or after a session.

Reiki works not only with the aura, it works with the chakras, with kundalini energy, and tantra as well. Reiki works to first awaken, then open, and ultimately dissolve the chakras. It is believed that chakras consist of three things: thought, karma, and memories. Each of our chakras govern different aspects of our lives, personalities, successes, and struggles. Chakras can either be blocked, unbalanced, balanced, or "blown open." Reiki gently brings your chakras into open alignment. It is important to receive continued care from a Reiki healer, especially if the reason you are seeking out Reiki is for an acute issue. When you give a Reiki healer the opportunity to interact with your energy more regularly, it gives us the chance to build upon work between multiple sessions and identify the unique symbols that signify different messages for your body, health, and evolution. This creates greater healing and connection between you and your Reiki practitioner, which allows Reiki to have more profound effects.

There are some great techniques and practices that can be paired with Reiki to amplify its benefits. Crystals work very well with Reiki. They can easily be infused with Reiki energy to magnify their healing effects. They are also a great tool for energetically cleansing the practitioner and healing space both before and after a session. Crystal Pendulums interact with an individual's aura and are an effective tool for determining where Reiki is most needed in the body or energy field, or where a source of dis-ease may be stemming from. Reviewing a patient's Human Design chart is a good idea before a session. It is important to know an individual's energetic makeup before treating them. Human Design gives you a breakdown of what energy centers in your body are either "open" or "defined." Defined energy centers are more developed and "set," they are less open to influence from outside sources, and as the word defined suggests, they can often define the way we move through the world energetically. Open energy centers are more or less empty. Open centers are more susceptible to influence from the energy of environments and other people, or really any energetic force. If you'd like to learn more about Human Design, I recommend checking out your chart on Breath is a very effective tool during Reiki healing as well - both for the practitioner and the patient. Instructing a patient to breathe in a certain manner directly effects their nervous system, which in turn either aids or hinders the openness of their energy centers. Encouraging a patient to breathe into a certain area of their body that is needing extra attention is also very useful. Breath is life force energy. Beyond the vital compounds that breath carries like oxygen and nitrogen, it too carries a powerful life-giving energy within it. Use breath to your advantage. Sound tools are another powerful technique to pair with Reiki. Creating sound using singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, etc. during a Reiki session is helpful for relaxing the patient. There is also a technique of scanning the body while using a sound tool. You simply create a vibration with a sound tool and then travel with the tool up and down the body. Pay close attention to the areas of the body that the sound of the tool dampens over, and the areas of the body where you can notice the sounds of the tool become amplified over. Where the sound is amplified is where Reiki energy is needed.

Communication is very important during a Reiki healing session. I actively communicate what I am perceiving from your energy body during a session. I am available to answer questions before, during, and after a session. It is common for patients to feel deeply relaxed or even to fall asleep during Reiki, so even if we are not conversing as you receive, I make notes during our sessions to process with you at the end of the session. Consent is equally as important during a Reiki healing session. I always ask my patients if they are open to inviting Reiki energy into their bodies. Permission to touch is not something that I believe is implied either, I will always ask permission to touch you. I alternate between hovering my hands over your body and placing some gentle touch on your body throughout my sessions. It is also acceptable to have a session without any physical touch.

Since my attunement to Reiki energy I have felt a lightness of being within myself. I have felt an increased connection between myself and my environment. Reiki is so loving and expansive. It brightens up all that it comes into contact with. Reiki gives us a means to tap into our own capacities to heal ourselves. The idea of healing touch is not new to human kind. Healing touch has been used to comfort, balance, and synchronize humans since the dawn of time. I am honored to be attuned to the healing frequency of Reiki and to share its benefits with my community. I am now booking sessions both in-person and remotely! It is possible to give and receive Reiki long-distance. Please feel free to reach out to me about what a long-distance Reiki session would look like. I wish you all the best on your healing journeys!

In Healing,


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