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Being Sexy Has Nothing to do with the Way You Look

Sexual energy comes in every fathomable shape and size. Sure, society has created what's "hot" and what's not, but beneath all the superficial bullshit is some seriously powerful attraction. Have you ever found yourself wildly attracted to someone who, outwardly, might not be the most appealing, but the energy they're giving you is EVERYTHING??? I think (I hope) we've all been there. Our greatest power lies in our sexual energy. Sexual energy is creation energy itself. So, what do you want to create in your life? I guarantee tapping into your sexual energy can help to make that desire a reality. I prefer to refer to sexual energy as creation energy, so as you read on, please know that the creation energy I refer to is entirely what you feel in your sacral chakra -life force, desire, magnetism, the ability to produce something. Yearning for another is one of the most airtight forces we can come across. Even if/ when we want to turn it off, we can't (for the most part).Next time you feel the tingles down under for someone, consider dropping into what about them is so attractive to you. Ask yourself why you are drawn to them. What are they embodying that you feel you need in your life? These are seemingly simple questions, but do not get discouraged if the answers don't come to you right away. Identifying what we need from others is no small feat, but once you know what you need, and then allow yourself to give and ask for what you need, life becomes sweeter and sweeter.

Traditionally, creation energy has only been given a purely sexual connotation. However, creation energy can be channeled into every nook and cranny of existence. And it has been! Whether you realize it or not. This gets me to thinking about how we can harness our creation energy to fulfill our deepest desires for our existence. The food you cook, the words your write, the music you produce, the woodworking, the vegetables you plant, the art you paint, down to the very connections you create with others around you all stem from our creation energy. Unfortunately, we have been taught to suppress our creation energy, and this it what has led to so many feeling disconnected from themselves and life as a whole. Creation energy has been bastardized by the over-sexualization of bodies and energy that only focuses on the physical, carnal aspects of sexuality. The closer an object is to the light, the larger of a shadow it will cast. Creation energy is no exception to this law. The light draws in everything, but we do not need everything. Learning to filter our what is and is not for us is a huge part of honing your creation energy.

It's time we restore the purity of creation energy, and that begins with you. You as an individual have the power to shift the way you perceive. Some might call this mindset work, I think it's magic. When you decide to shift the way you perceive the world around, and truly commit to the shift, you realize you now hold the key to infinite possibilities for yourself. Something that once crushed you can be transmuted into your greatest gift, loss becomes the portal to unlocking the flow of abundance to you. Similarly, when we begin to perceive creation energy in its pure essence, we unlock the potential for creating or manifesting what we want in our lives. Wasted creation energy is the reality for many right now, we can change that. The lack, the dullness, the stifled expression you feel no longer has a place in your life. It's time to create the life you have always wanted. It may not look or feel that way for a while after you first begin, but we all must start somewhere. Fulfillment has a funny way of sneaking up on you unannounced, and you might not even know it's there, until it makes its presence known in that deep sigh as you tilt your head back so you can face the sun, eyes gently closed and a smile that you didn't even think about making appears across your lips. Those moments of stillness were created by you and you alone. You have the ability to make them more frequent or allow them to slip through your fingers. It's your choice.

If you've ever felt like you may not have won the genetic lottery in the looks department, do not fret. There is absolutely something you can do about it. Work on raising your creation energy. Like anything else in life, there are simple solutions that can give you big growth in the beginning, and then as you sink deeper into your practice, you get into the more intricate details that are specific to only you. The intricate details that only you can unearth about yourself. Taking the time and giving the energy necessary for this level of self-discovery is a divine gift that we are all capable of giving ourselves. We have all experienced being entirely enthralled with someone's story. We watch a documentary, then we need to read their book, and soon we are listening to their podcast every week. Being inspired by others is amazing and an essential part of creating community, AND not forgetting to be inspired by yourself is just as, if not more, important! Having idols and worshipping others seems to be a part of the human condition, yet, through our intention to shift our perception, I believe we can turn that worshipping tendency inwards. I'm not saying we should only focus on ourselves and ignore everyone else, just that gently redirecting some of that energy back to yourself every once in a while can help you get inspired by your own internal fire. Loving on yourself and recognizing your own greatness is a powerful way to become magnetic and draw in your desired life experiences. The universe wants people who want themselves. I want people who want themselves. It is fucking sexy to see someone standing in their power and allowing their true expression to shine. Shedding the layers of conditioned separation is also a great way to tap into and build your creation energy. Coming into union with another, whatever that looks like to you, is a very magnetizing force.

Transitioning into a perception of Oneness is a rebellious act in this world. Striving to see the ways you enforce separation in your life helps you to see where your work lies. If you are feeling lost and like a bystander in your own journey, practice noticing the little (or big) areas of your life that you are allowing your energy to be syphoned from you. Reciprocity is a key factor when it comes to energetic interactions with the world around you (and with yourself). Where in your life are you giving and not receiving? Where in your life are you receiving and not giving? For the areas where you are giving and not receiving, it's time to evaluate how you can communicate your needs and receive what you desire from that situation. For the areas where you are receiving and not giving, it's time to really define what you are receiving from that situation and the value it adds to your life. Is it something you can live without? If you do indeed want it to remain in your life, how can you give back to that situation in order to fulfill the laws of reciprocity?

Someone who takes care of themselves is sexy. Sexy is an energy, not a body type. Although the entire point of this blog post is conveying the message that you can still be sexy regardless of what you look like, once you begin taking care of yourself, your body will respond with clearer skin, brighter eyes, greater ability to focus, higher attention to the details of life, and so on. If your body also responds by gaining muscle and tone, I would not be surprised either. Just know that sitting with your insecurities, allowing them to consume you or diminish your confidence, is not a way you need to keep on living. I would love to see a world where we are all radiating our own unique brand of sexy. I believe in this world, and I believe in you. You are a magnet. Have the courage to dust off your compass and head out into the wilderness of life as play.

Stay Sexy,


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