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Lessons Are Meant To Be Recognized, Not Learned

There are simple invitations to tap into lessons given to us in tiny and sometimes HUGE ways all day long. We are constantly receiving messages, from who or what, I’m not sure. What I do know is that these messages and invitations are tools and doorways that grant us access to a deeper existence. An existence that is off limits to no one. We are all capable of visiting or even spending extended stays in that liminal space. The key is in the recognition of the lessons. Our whole lives we have been told we must learn lessons, perhaps even memorize them. However, I have a theory that not all lessons are meant to be learned, memorized, and compartmentalized to begin their career gathering dust in the dungeons of our subconscious.

My theory is that lessons are simply to be recognized. Upon the recognition of a life lesson, we open up Pandora’s box of infinite possibilities for how to perceive, digest and revisit the lesson. By simply recognizing a lesson, we allow it to live on. When we cease the effort to conquer lessons, we allow the lesson to conquer us; to seep into our being. When you make up your mind that you’ve learned all that you need to learn about something, revisiting that topic becomes less and less frequent. Maybe you don’t even pay attention if it comes up again, because you don’t register it as new information. This may be the nature of the human mind, but this is not the nature of lessons. Gone are the days of crystallizing a lesson into the shape of a girl scout badge and sewing it onto your sash. Now, your energy is your sash, and it speaks for itself.

What if we allowed ourselves to concretely believe in something without a visual representation to prove its existence? I often wonder when we will all accept that the evidence for all we choose to believe in exists within us. It exists in the very conception of the notion to perceive in the unique ways each of us do. Your lessons do not have to be and cannot be the same as everyone else you meet in life or bump into on the internet.

It is entirely natural to seek support, structure, and similarity within others when we are recognizing a lesson. We desire a kindred ally to share with and maybe sometimes even guide us through our more difficult lessons. This guidance and sharing can be beneficial to a degree, but I fervently believe the sweetest, juiciest chunks of our lessons lie in the pathways we navigate solo. That is not to say that you must do everything on your own and cannot lean on your support system. Quite the contrary, I highly recommend navigating the molasses of self-realization while receiving much love and comfort from others. The difference I am attempting to highlight is to allow others to support you in ways outside of the actual recognition and extraction of wisdom from the lessons that present themselves to us. Allow others to help you with what may be neglected in your life due to the trickledown effect of the energy expended on the recognition of a lesson. There is a difference between accepting support with responsibilities outside of our lessons and handing off an opportunity for self-discovery to somone outside of yourself.

Maintaining the boundary between communicating to others that you are deep within a lesson and allowing others into your lesson with you is vital. Your lesson is yours. When you feel stuck, know that it is okay to pause and come back to the lesson. This may seem utterly impossible at first, but the more you practice it, the greater your tolerance for pausing mid lesson will become. Pausing mid lesson is a skill that I am working on refining and strengthening in my life currently. The few times I have managed to employ its use, I have found greater peace and heightened clarity upon returning to the lesson with fresh energy. Instead of running to others the moment I feel the anxiety and discomfort of a mental block, I create a healthy distance between myself and the mental block. This allows me to tap into my intuition. I do not cloud my lesson with the projections of others. I feel the need to add that I do not wish for my protection of my lessons to be confused with isolation or the idea that my perception is superior to others. It is simply the realization, and my belief, that even the most well-intentioned friend cannot recognize your lesson for you, because it was never meant to be recognized by them. Just as I am allowed to believe this, you are allowed to believe whatever you so choose. As always, take what serves you, leave what does not. In this day and age where we are so influenced by the opinions of others, living in our own personalized bubble of product placement and targeted ads, it can feel like we are puppets hanging on the ends of strings controlled by the 1%. I urge you to cut away at your strings in all the little ways you can. Protecting the sanctity of your inner world by not clouding your judgment with the influence of the outside world on your lessons is one of those little ways.

I imagine a society that sees and knows the importance of recognizing and integrating our lessons. I imagine families, friend groups, teams of colleagues, and partnerships that openly communicate what they are going through and there being no need for someone to explain why they must focus their energy on a given lesson. For the cynics out there, who assume that this type of society would lead to using expansion and spiritual integration as a means to side stepping responsibilities in life (no judgment, my Capricorn brain took me straight to that thought too), I say, living this way would rule out that possibility. When we are collectively living in our truths, deceit becomes unnecessary. Of course, there are outliers, there always will be, I am not willing to focus my energy on that argument. What I am willing to focus my energy on is making deceit outdated. I am prepared for deceit to become a relic of the past, and a stern reminder of the risk of living out of alignment, a lesson if you will.

I have reached a point in my life where I find it mildly insane that we do not collectively see that our purposes for being here in these human bodies has nothing to do with obeying oppressive factions or earning money, notoriety, or whatever else it is we may lust for. Maybe my frustration with this is a lesson I need to start recognizing (hehe). At times, the weight of our mass delusion can feel suffocating. That is when I remind myself of the lessons I’ve recognized in the past. I allow them back in to soothe me into the recognition that most everything new feels this way. That does not mean it is not worth believing in.

It feels important to talk about situations such as not being ready for a particular lesson we are recognizing or feeling as though we may not be perceiving a lesson “correctly.” Getting this notification is usually an indication that you need that particular lesson the most. We must remember that lessons do not abide by human time. Wanting to speed up the understanding & integration of a lesson is quite literally only human of us, but if it brings you any peace to remind yourself in those moments that the laws of human time cannot be applied to these types of situations, go there. Go there when you need to pause mid lesson. Beating ourselves up for not being “able to” fully integrate a lesson or getting stuck in one serves absolutely no purpose. Perhaps the lesson within the lesson is that it will return when you feel ready or when you’ve learned a different lesson that unlocked the door within your mind for the present one you are struggling with.

The possibilities are endless. When faced with infinity we can either allow it to consume us or humor us with the significant insignificance of every single thing in existence. Why spend time worrying about one particular outcome when there are 734 trillion + other possibilities that could present themselves? Allow it to unfold. Trust that it will be what you need. Expect the unexpected and your attachments will begin to dwindle. Once the smoke clears, what is your life about?

Always With Love,


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